Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days to go until my due date!

Time has really flown by this pregnancy. So much faster than the first time. Probably because I didn't have a little one to take care of at the time.

I have been feeling pretty good except for being really sore when I get up from sitting or if I walk for an extended period of time. I really don't remember being this sore with Ohlen, but I think this guy is much lower than Ohlen ever was during the pregnancy. I'm wondering if he isn't pushing on some nerves or something. I also was having lots of heartburn, especially at night. So at one appointment I asked about it and my doctor gave me the go ahead to take Pepcid and it has been great. I haven't woken up with heartburn since. I only really take it when I feel it coming on, and then it lasts for 12 hours, so it is really helpful.

As far as being ready; I have a bag mostly packed, and we have enough diapers and wipes for a couple weeks I think, and we have a car seat - so I think we are good to go. We still had the crib and everything set up from Ohlen so that helped with the readiness factor. I'm certainly not ready for the lack of sleep, but I don't think anyone ever is. :) I'm definitely ready to see how Ohlen reacts to this new guy. I think that is what I'm looking forward to the most - their first meeting.

I am loving the weather yesterday and today. It is my idea of perfect. Sunny, but not too hot. It's so nice to have the doors open, makes it so much more cheery in here. The neighbor kids have all been outside playing together which is great. If this is how all our summer Saturdays are going to be, it is going to be a very pleasant summer. :)