Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Direction?

As I sit here Jonathan has just left class for the day. Yep, that's right. Jonathan just started taking graduate courses this week in order to get his MBA. It is a 2 year program (as long as he goes during the summer). He had been praying and thinking about it for a while and just decided to go for sure about 3 weeks ago. I've been scrambling to get the financial paperwork in gear, hello FAFSA once again. It hasn't been too terribly bad though. :) He currently has a 3 hour class on Wednesday nights and a 6 hour class every other Saturday morning. I think he is enjoying it so far.

So what does that mean for us and Ireland? Well, it looks like we'll be around for at least 2 years, until he gets his degree. I think he would really hate to leave it half finished, but we also know that if we are led to go, we are prepared to do so. I am hesitant to make any statements about where we will be in a few years, even a few months. Like Proverbs 27:1 says "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth." We have no idea what God has in store for us in the next couple of weeks, months, and years. It will be exciting to see where He leads.

On a separate note. I don't know if I have mentioned before how sick Sophie has been. (Our littlest wiener dog) For the past month or so she has been real lethargic, feverish off and on, and really weak/stiff. We had taken her to the vet a few times and her symptoms were not making sense. We treated her for a UTI and that seemed to go away, but the other symptoms didn't. So yesterday when I took her back the vet suggested either going to a specialist, which gets really expensive, or trying the same treatment we did about a year ago when she also had some weird symptoms. Different from what she has this time, but still very strange and not pointing to one thing in particular. (We always knew Sophie was a strange one, we just didn't know it was in so many ways.) So last night we started her on a combo of antibiodics and steroids. This morning we woke to Sophie actually wagging her tail! She hasn't been doing much of that. She willingly went down stairs and she walks around without her tail tucked between her legs, which she has been doing for the past month now. I just can't believe how quick it worked. I'm trying not to be too hopeful incase she relapses after the steroids are done, but it's hard not to be when our Sophie is finally coming back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello blog readers. I really should do a roll call and find out who all reads this. :) I know people do, I just don't who, since no one comments. And please feel free to comment! I love reading them.

So I was planning on posting up a narrative about our year, but it was beginning to get really entirely too long, so I have decided to condense it to a bulleted list by month. Not as in depth as I might have liked to make it, but alot of the things I was going to say, has already been said here anyways. :) So here is our year in review.

- Welcomed the New Year here at home with some great friends
- Took the Jr. Highers to great retreat at Camp Luz
- Nate left for Bolivia
- Became lost in Lost :)

- Sophie had an inner ear infection. It was really scary when we didn't know what was wrong

- Took the Jr. Highers iceskating.
- We found out we were pregnant and miscarried about 10 days later. I'm pretty sure it was a chemical pregnancy, which means the fertilized egg near attached to the uterine wall. Regardless of the medical terms behind it, it was still devastating. We had been trying for over a year, and it was so disappointing and hard. We discovered the loss on Easter Sunday.
- The next morning we discovered the greatest peace we have ever felt. God was/is so very good to us. We started the healing process.

- Nothing much happened apparently. Jonathan turned 26.

- We visited the Pittsburgh Zoo
- Jonathan bought a dirt bike
- I attempted too much too soon on said bike and ended up with a handle bar to the throat and some very nice scrapes on the leg..
- We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary
- I turned 26.

- Laura and I took the 8th graders to Cedar Point
- Vacationed in Florida. Wonderful, wonderful vacation.
- Nate and Aubyn were married!

- We prayed, thought, and fasted; and discerned that we were to move to Ireland. We thought right away.
- House was put on the market
- Went camping with great friends in Hocking Hills.

- Sold the truck and had a garage sale
- Moved to my parents

- Ohlen turned 2!
- Laura left for India
- Hurricane Ike left his mark with Nate and Aubyn and here as well.
- Found out we were pregnant again!!
- Went sailing on Lake Erie

- Had first OB appointment, got to see a tiny beating heart!
- Realized that we just may have had our time frame for Ireland wrong.
- Moved back in to our house.

- I visited Nate and Aubyn in Texas

- Had a great Christmas season
- Hosted a New Years party to welcome in 2009

2008 was such a great year. I think Jonathan and I really did alot of growing when it comes to our trust in God. We really tried to follow his lead this year. We still, obviously, have alot to learn, but I think we're moving in the right direction. We also did some really fun things this year, and I hope to continue them! I think I was afraid that after we had Ohlen we wouldn't get to do all the fun things anymore, or at least until he was older, but that isn't the case. :)

Here's to 2009 and to learning more and growing more. And to all the fun that this year is sure to hold! We already know of a couple babies and at least one wedding that will happen and that is exciting!