Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today I'm officially 37 weeks along. Which means little girl is officially full term. Noah was born at 37 weeks. We were so surprised when he came that early. This time I find myself expecting her to come a little early. Which is never a good idea. I've been feeling pretty miserable in that I can't move around very easily.

The house stuff is coming right along, and I'm getting more and more nervous about the timing of everything. Which is another reason I'm getting anxious for her to be here.

I will probably be induced a little early, maybe 5 days, and I'm nervous about that too. So much to pray about right now, and prepare for.

Boxes are slowly being packed, and it is becoming more real that we are actually moving. It's bittersweet really.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belated Birthday Post

I just realized I didn't post about 2 recent birthdays in our family.  I had all intentions to, but for whatever reason didn't. I blame the heartburn.  No reason, just feel like blaming everything on it right now.  It is starting to defeat the current medication I'm taking for it.

Jonathan's birthday was last month.  He turned the ripe old age of 29. :)  Ohlen insisted we make a cake.  And that it be a Star Wars cake - because Daddy would LOVE a Star Wars cake. Jonathan also loves pizelles, so I made some of those too.  Regular anise flavored, and some chocolate ones.

Jonathan loves dark chocolate, so my aim was to try and make a very chocolately cake and icing.  I made my go to chocolate cake recipe, but halved it.  I used a dark cocoa.  I didn't want to make a regular big cake, seeing as it would be just for our immediate family.  I made the cake in my widest loaf pan, then cut it in half and made a very small two layer cake.

I really didn't want to make any more icing in different colors like I usually do to decorate.  So I found some pictures and fonts online, and made a stencil of sorts.  Then I sprinkled powdered sugar over top.  It did ok.  I should have had a finer powder for the more intricate details, and by the next day the powdered sugar was all dissolved in the frosting so it didn't look as good. But it worked for the little bit that it needed to. :)

Then at the beginning of the month we celebrated Noah's 2nd birthday.  We had a small gathering here for that.  I did a round layer cake for Noah.  I used my go to yellow cake recipe.  Noah is really loving strawberries right now, so I mixed some strawberry jam with the frosting for the middle, and garnished the bottom of the cake with quartered strawberries.  I decorated the top with Thomas, also a current favorite.
As you can see, I had a helper with both cakes.  He was so excited about helping, and keeping the cakes a surprise.  He had a great time celebrating the birthdays.

I can't believe my little boy is 2 already.  Not to mention his big brother will be 5 in a few short months.  And they will have a sister in a month or less.  My goodness.  Time is slipping through our fingers.
Noah's two year pictures.  (A few of them anyways.)  I might try again when the sun isn't in his eyes.  It was overcast most of the day, until right then.  And I'm just noticing how shadowed his face is. Oh well, I still like them. :)  He was in a great mood to be photographed that day.

House stuff is still trucking right along.  The timing is going to be interesting to say the least.  I don't think it matters when this little girl decides to come.  It is going to be interesting regardless.

Monday, May 16, 2011

35 weeks

Change is something we're pretty used to around here. And we have a whole lot of it going on.
Today I switched to a different blood thinner. The biggest change with that is that I have to inject twice a day... But it will give me a better chance at getting an epidural, should I choose to get one.
5 weeks.... So close. And she could be here sooner too. Next week starts every week appointments, plus biweekly non stress tests. They monitor baby's movements/heart rate and if I'm having contractions. Not a big deal, except for having to find sitters for the boys. I'm hoping maybe they'll let me do it in the evening.
House stuff is going along good. Slowly packing. Excited about the new place. We picked everything out last week. I'm most excited about the new kitchen appliances and not having to go down two sets of stairs for the laundry (although, that might be the pregnancy talking).
This weekend we are camping (10 minutes from the hospital) and we all can't wait! After that baby girl can come when ever she wants. :) You know, because they listen like that.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The view from here, or the weeks of hilarity

This is what I see if I look down, my hand is where my belly starts...
At this point I usually start having days filled with discomfort and down right hilarity. Mundane every day activities have become comedy routines. Putting on socks, getting off the couch, picking something up off the floor, putting on pants, walking....
Those fluttery light kicks are no more. Now I can be sitting and WHAM I get a swift kick to the bladder (and the amusing effort to get off the couch and waddling to the bathroom immediately follows.) My whole stomach can be misshapen, lopsided. And very often there is a little rump pushing up on my ribcage.
The not, nor will ever be, even close to resembling humor.
And, of course, there are all sorts of new functions for this belly. Makes a great book rest when I'm reading. Phone holder when watching tv. Mug rest, food catcher, etc.
I'm not sure how it is going to get any bigger, but it will, it always does.
So things have been pretty amusing around here. I'll leave you with my favorite quote of the day from Ohlen: Mommy I love you so much. I love you more than the bees love you.
Yeah, I have no idea how much the bees love me, but I'll take it. :)
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Honeydew or Pineapple

Depending on which site you look at baby girl is now as heavy as either a pineapple or a honeydew.... Not sure if I like this produce comparison - especially as the produce gets heavier and heavier...

Had to edit because I forgot to add - I'm about 33.5 weeks along - so about 6.5 to go. :)

I had an ultrasound last week.  Everything looks great.  She is definitely a girl.  Which was such a relief to see.  And as a special bonus, the tech I saw had a student with her.  They asked if I would allow her to practice a bit. Of course!!  So I got to watch baby for an extra 10 - 15 minutes.  It was great.  I also got to see one of my old Obs.  He was the one that delivered Noah and I just think he is great.  I think all the Obs up there at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office are great.  It was a little worrying to see him, because usually they just send down an ok for me to be able to go. He actually sat down and looked around a little too.  He and the tech talked a little about amniotic fluid level, and he assured her that there was adequate fluids.  So I'm assuming that's why he came down.  The tech was super too, by the way.  She was pretty no nonsense, but she told me everything she was taking measurements of, and what it did.  So very cool. According to the ultrasound measurements she is weighing about 4lbs 3oz, but it's just a guess and can be off either way.  But it seems to be a pretty average weight to me.

As for me, I've been feeling pretty good.  Well over the weekend I was feeling great.  I was out all day Friday - first to the zoo with play group and then hiking with our small group.  (There really wasn't that much hiking)  And I was feeling really good.  Didn't feel too bad Saturday either.  However, Sunday and yesterday were a different story.  I was feeling some pretty sharp pains when I would stand from sitting, and occasionally when walking.  So that was no fun.  But I took it easy and today is alot better.

I'm feeling so very useless as far as all this house stuff goes.  Jonathan is already running around moving around some things - getting ready to move all his tools over.  And I can't help at all.  I'm hoping to get a few things boxed up here and there while I'm still feeling good enough too.  I figure I can box up alot of our decorative things, and other things that we don't really use that often.

I really have some sewing things that I want to get done - I just really don't know when it is going to happen.  There are 2 in particular that I really need to get done, and really want to get done before the baby gets here, but between that and packing, I really don't know when it will happen.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Our house is sold. Well I think the technical term is under contract.

5 days after signing papers to put it on the market, we signed a purchase agreement.

Shocked, amazed, blessed, thankful, so very thankful

Date of possession is the day after my due date.  Yikes.

I've been praying this whole time for contentment with whatever timing God chooses for this.  And I am.  Completely content.  Despite that Yikes up there.  It is more of a smiling laughing yikes, rather than an actually scared nervous yikes.

We are in a frenzy trying to get our new place on a roll.  Trying to plan, choose, make decisions.

I've been feeling pretty nostalgic.  Thinking about all the great memories from the last 5 years in this house. (took these pictures on the day we staged for the pictures for the realtor.  It really isn't usually this tidy. :))

Dining room area - countless board games, lots of laughter, Noah's first diaper change at home that resulted in a fountain sprinkling the table, teaching little ones to eat.  The stairs - Just images in my head of the boys learning to go up and down and just sliding down on their bellies.

Oh, the bathroom. Originally the wrong paint color, the struggle to keep it clean. :)  Potty training....  Had I ever blogged about the cupboard?  Jonathan added that several months ago - it's great.

I don't think this room need any explanation.  :) This little girl may or may not get to sleep here.

So many things baked and cooked here.  I will miss my countertops, but looking forward to more space.  Especially more storage space.  And the island I will be getting. (over the moon excited for this)

I'll keep this space updated as we progress through this process.  On this week's agenda is talking to banks and the house people.  Jonathan also has jury duty this week.  And we will celebrate Noah's second birthday.  Should be busy and fun. :)