Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My First Post

I have always hated blogs. They always seemed to bring out the selfishness in people. For some people, the world revolves around them. A blog was just a digital reinforcement of this mindset. I'm coming around though. Surely, anything used for wrong can be used for right! God proves that with every catastrophe that occurs. That and I have a tendency to be cynical of fads...ahem.

So, my seminal blog. A couple caveats: I don't know my audience (and don't care). I usually only will post when I really have something to say; Nicole will probably handle the updates.

A couple items: we are auctioning the house. In many places, a real state auction is a signal that a person is desperate and must sell. An auction in our area doesn't necessarily mean that. It is more the norm with some people. Really, I am impatient to get on with God's mission for us. The transition has been hard and will continue to be hard. Any steps we take are a real good feeling. Such as selling the truck or tractor. I am an extremely inpatient person who when wants something, does as much as morally possible to make it happen. I feel I tried to stem this part of me by selling the house privately (in hopes of controlling the price of the house). Essentially trading greed for impatience. I should have just auctioned the house to begin with.

I would also like to take this blog to thank people that are really going out of their way to help us with our mission. My current company. They have been nothing but understanding and supportive. I'm not just talking about since I told them I'm leaving either. They have helped me grow in every aspect of my life from day one. It is refreshing to work somewhere that the president can open a company wide meeting with prayer. It is refreshing to hear business men talk about how every day they have interactions with people who might not know the Word and use their lot in life to connect with these people. To have the courage that they won't be persecuted/prosecuted in the process is motivating.
I would also like to thank my wonderful in-laws who have put up with the cellar dwellers for a very long time over the last couple years. They support us in every way they can.
Lastly, I'd like to thank Ryan and Lana. Surely, there is NO greater joy than seeing people come to Christ and growing in their faith. Not a sunset, no childbirth compares. After seeing the depths of Mans sin, seeing a person transformed and suddenly conscious of the real struggle of humanity, then gaining wisdom that can't be found on earth, then using that wisdom to challenge me and using love to encourage me to follow God. Putting their own time and effort to make this happen.
All three of these category of people could have put a roadblock up that very well could have stopped us. And for that, I am eternally thankful!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weiner Dog Update

Well, we have finally made a decision about the wiener dogs.

We aren't taking them with us.

I did some numbers crunching and really looked into shipping costs and all the other costs involved, and it ends up it would still cost several THOUSAND dollars to take them over. It's so discouraging, but we know going to Ireland is the right thing to do.

So the wieners will keep on being American wieners and they will be very well taken care of. They even get to stay together.

I can't tell you what a huge load off our shoulders this is. To know exactly what we are going to do with them and where they will be staying. We will miss them so much; we will just have to cherish every doggie snuggle and lick while we can still get them.

Take a Hike, Ike

Well, apparently Ike had a vendetta against the Miller family. He slammed Nate and Aubyn's place on Sat. morning and then gave us a little kick on his way out. We lost power around 7pm Sunday night and got it back today (Tuesday) at around 4pm. I never realized just how dependent we are on electricity. Especially when you aren't in town, because that means no running water, no flushing toilets, etc. It was nice to enjoy the quiet though, nothing humming or running.

Nate and Aubyn are both fine. Their apartment building didn't take much damage and no flooding from what they hear. They were heading back today. They may not have power for a while, but they have a generator.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Prayer Requests

My brother and his beautiful wife just moved near Houston in August. Nate called this morning and told us that they have to evacuate because of Hurricane Ike. They are currently making their way to San Antonio to wait out the storm. Please pray for their safety as they travel and that their apartment will remain in tact. Also, please keep the whole region in your prayers. Hopefully Ike will die down and go home.

Secondly, my best friend Laura just left Monday for a year in India. She arrived safely. Please pray for her as she adjusts to the culture and gets into the swing of things there. Her blog is linked on the side if you would like to read her updates. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun with Animals

For Ohlen's birthday I decided to take him to see some animals. First we went to Hershberger's Truck Patch. They have alot of animals that we could walk up to and pet, or just watch. Ohlen really liked it there, although at first he was a little scared of the goats that would stick their noses out. He especially liked the chickens that were running around. Sadly they didn't have the pony rides going, but hopefully the next time we go out there it will be up and running.

Then we headed to Rolling Ridge Ranch. I would definitely recommend that place to anyone with kids. I was a little concerned because the sky was looking dark, but everything turned out fine. We payed and looked around at their petting zoo and other animals until the wagon was ready. There were only 3 other people on the wagon besides us. Another lady and her 2 year old daughter and the driver. It was so cool. We got buckets of feed to feed the animals we saw. They would come right up to the wagon. Ohlen's favorite to feed, I think, were the ostriches. They would peck the feed out quite ferociously. Feed would fly everywhere and he thought it was hilarious. There is nothing better than seeing your child experience something new and thoroughly enjoying it.

When we were on the last leg of the wagon ride it started pouring! The other lady and I hugged the kids tight, trying to keep them dry. Ohlen was pretty dry, but I was soaked! It was crazy. I'm glad it did though, because we really do need it. So we all ran to the gift shop to look around a bit. We picked out a little rhino to take home. Then we headed back to Berlin and got some lunch. He got this cute little fuzzy Neopets toy in his meal and some stickers. Definitely a better kids meal toy than usual. Right up there with the Transformer he got a while back. It was a really nice day with my little guy. I can't wait to get out to a petting zoo again soon.

Below are some pictures of the day. The first picture is before we left, sporting his new sunglasses from Aunt Laura. The 2nd is from Hershbergers. The rest, except for the last, are from Rolling Ridge. The last picture is after we got back and Ohlen was showing off his booty from the day. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Ohlen!

More on birthday festivities later today after some sleep. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Someone's Turning 2

Ohlen is going to be 2 on Saturday so I figured it was soon enough to take his 2 year pictures. So I cut his hair and then we spent some time taking his pictures. He wasn't in a real smiley mood, but I think I got some good ones. :)