Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flynn and Max

We've added two new members to our crazy household over the past month.

Way back when, on Noah's birthday, we had a stray cat living in our neighbors garage, along with her new brood of kittens.  We promised Noah one of those kittens, but the mama cat must have sensed this, and moved her family before they were old enough.  A couple weeks later my husband's coworker had some kittens they wanted to give away.  So he brought home a little gray kitten for Noah.  We ran some names by Noah and he decided on Flynn.  

Flynn lived inside for a little while, but with Jonathan's allergies he couldn't stay there long.  He is now a happy outside cat, with a future of mouse chasing.  The kids love going outside and cuddling and playing with him. Flynn likes to attack Kaiser and Sophie when they go out to do their thing.  It is highly amusing.  He is definitely a good little kitten.

Two weeks ago Jonathan came home and mentioned that one of his coworkers lived near their county's Humane Society, and suggested that we check them out.  We had been talking about getting a big dog to be outside to roam the property and keep the varmints at bay.  I was really apprehensive about getting a dog that was not in the puppy stage.  With a puppy, you know their history and can train them from the beginning.  But we went to their website and checked it all out.  There were a couple dogs that we were interested in, but the one that really caught our eye was a german shepard/ coon hound mix called Popeye.  He was just a year old.  A large dog, and his description said he was really good with kids and other dogs.  He was also neutered and housebroken.  We filled out their short application and waited a couple days.  Jonathan got in touch with them and set out with Ohlen and Kaiser to meet him.  When he left, Jonathan commented that he really doubted he would come home with him, but thought it would just be a meeting.

An hour or so later they returned home, and Popeye was with them.  He is huge!  About 90 lbs with super long legs.  He was very friendly with everyone he met.   

The past two weeks have proven what a wonderful dog he really is.  He rarely jumps up on people now, unless he is very excited. Which happens every so often, he does still have some puppy in him.  He knows the boundaries of our property and stays around here.  He is still wonderful with the kids.  

Oh yes, his name.  Popeye was kind of a mouthful for the kids.  And it just didn't seem to suit him very well. Ohlen suggested Matt, but I reminded him that we know a lot of people named Matt, and that might be confusing, so I suggested Max, and he thought it was pretty awesome.  We think it suits him.  He knew his new name in a matter of days.   I've also wanted a dog that will come at a whistle.  My first dog, Mick, used to come running when I whistled.  Tonight I went to the back door, stuck my head out and whistled, a little later Max showed up at the door.  Love it.  

He spends much of his time outside, but we have him come in for the night.  He sleeps in the laundry room.  Jonathan has built him a nice dog house, but I don't think Max has really acknowledged its existence yet.

He has a few quirks.  He likes to chase/follow shadows.  It is bizarre.   He sheds like crazy.  And I found out last night that he is chasing the neighbors cats. (So sorry!!)  He eats a whole lot more than the wiener dogs... :)  Of course, he is also about 80 lbs heavier than they are.

Overall, it has been the best experience.  He is a wonderful dog!  We can't get over how great he is with the kids.  

He was really not sure about the computer that first night.