Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gestational Diabetes

So I have a new little purse to carry with me for the next several weeks.

About 2 weeks ago I took the 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  This was after failing the 1 hour test the week before.  I had failed the 1 hour test with my last two pregnancies too, so I really wasn't that concerned.  Unfortunately, I got a call from my Dr's office telling me that this time I wasn't so lucky, and I have gestational diabetes.  I wasn't scheduled to meet with a dietitian for a week, so I consulted the internets.  I didn't want to just keep eating like usual for the week.  I was also scheduled to meet with an RN for training on how to use the meter and about the diabetes in general on the same day.  So, with the help of info online and from a message board of other women dealing with the same thing, I started a new diet and started checking my blood sugar to get a start on things.   

In case you aren't familiar with gestational diabetes, it is basically diabetes during pregnancy.  Most women will stop being diabetic as soon as the baby is born.  It has something to do with all the hormones.  Most women can control their blood sugar numbers with diet and exercise.  If it isn't controlled it can lead to the baby gaining more weight than they need and being big at birth.  ( I think there are some other risks too, but I think that is the most common one.)

The diet.  I was pretty intimidated at first.  I would have to really watch what and when I ate.  The week before I met with the dietitian I ate a whole lot of the same thing.  Instead of a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, I am eating eggs.  Instead of eating whenever I feel like it, I'm sticking to a schedule.  Plus, I was eating quite a bit of sugary, carb filled things, so that was quite the change.  However, after I met with the dietitian things seem a whole lot more doable.  She laid out a meal plan that was easy to understand.  It seems the biggest thing is that I need to pair carbs with proteins.  I can have all kinds of non starchy vegetables.  Nuts and cheese are ok.  I do have to watch how much fruit and milk I consume.

I bought some Stevia (Truvia brand) and I use that to add some sweetness to my tea.  That has made things a bit easier. 

So far I haven't been having any trouble keeping my blood sugar numbers low.  9 1/2 weeks to go (or less). I can't wait to meet this little guy.  Now he just needs a name. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's This?

Last night at around 9:30 I finally put the last stitch into the comforter I have been making for Ohlen.  I can't remember exactly when I started it, but I know it was at our old house, so it's been at least a year, probably two...

 I snapped some quick (not great) pictures and took it in to him.  He wasn't quite asleep, so I exchanged his current blanket for the new one.  He said, "Thanks mom.  This is more comfy than all our other blankets!!"  I think he approved. :)

It's made of entirely of flannels.  So yes, it is very comfy.  Maybe too warm for late spring, but our house is air conditioned, so I think it will work.  

Now it's on to finish Noah's.  His needs to be knotted and bound yet.  Then he will have his own super comfy comforter.