Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog changes

Well it's that time of year again - apparently.  I've decided to change up my blog again.  It was almost exactly a year and a month ago that I changed the blog title.  And here we go again.  It's not like I have a huge following of people I don't know - so I figure it's not going to matter too much if I change it. 

The first change - I'm changing the actual address of the site.  I'll be changing it in a few days - hopefully giving everyone enough time to check and come along.  I'll probably open a new blog under the old address to direct people here, if I can.  Mostly changing because I want it to match all the rest of my stuff - and would like it to not include my last name.  So the new address will be  So head on over there, actually probably today as I've just changed my mind as I was typing here.  I think I'll move it - and open a new one and leave a link there.  Not sure how that will work with followers and if any of you are using Google reader.  I thought about just opening a new blog, but I wanted everything to come along.

So I also changed the name of the blog to coleslaw1017.  Why?  I've been realizing that my posts don't all fall under the category of quilting, kids, cultivation, and cooking. And I don't want to limit myself to that.  This blog is mostly for my own benefit.  I like having a place to share about my family, my random thoughts, and other things.  I know I don't have a whole lot of followers, but I really don't care.  It's just a fun thing for me.  And I hope that sometimes it is entertaining, maybe even helpful.  In any event, coleslaw1017 has been my internet identity since sometime around 2000.  A few people in my life have called me Cole - and it just lent itself to coleslaw.  Even though I don't care very much for the food.  The 1017 is actually a date - 10/17  - 1999 to be precise.  It is the day Jonathan and I started dating.  The beginning of my life being what it is today.  So yeah, so very important to me.  

As far as content here - I really don't expect to change that.  I think the changes I'm making are going to match with my posting habits better than my former name did.  Just a random mix of whatever comes to mind.    I really have enjoyed this blogging thing, and really hope to continue.  And I hope you are enjoying it too - although I suppose you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't.  

Thanks for reading - and bearing with the changes. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Band Nostalgia

I got a letter about some Alumni Band happenings and it made me think back to my high school band days.

Here are a few of the songs we played.

Empire Strikes Back - we never actually played this at concert, but we practiced it two different years.  SO much fun.

Oye Como Va - tweet tweet

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Broad Update

Hey all!  Just wanted to give an update of what is going on over here.

The Kids:

Katherine just turned 6 weeks yesterday - and has a Dr. appointment today.  I'm curious to see where she is stat wise.  She has been doing pretty good.  A bit fussy here and there, but really nothing horrible.  She has been sleeping from about 930 - 2 and 245 - 6/630.  Which has been nice.  Still not sleeping through the night really, but better than only getting 2 hours of sleep at a time.  (3 hours between feedings = start of feeding to the next start - so only get as much sleep as is left after the eating is done - which can take 45 min there abouts)  She is really starting to fill out, and still looks very much like her brothers did at this stage.

Noah is definitely a 2 year old.  He is either super happy or throwing fits.  Oh, and that is Desitin he has spread all over his legs.  His response when I walked in on this "Uh-oh"  As if he didn't just do it on purpose and the Desitin just jumped out of the container onto his skin. :)  His big brother knows just what buttons to push to get him to screech.  Considering all the changes he's just been through, I would say he is doing really really well.  We also took away his pacifier a few weeks ago.  He was still taking it during nap time and at night.  We took it away cold turkey.  The first night he cried for quite a while before falling asleep, and woke up once or twice, but really it wasn't that terrible.  It is harder to get him to slow down for nap time, but really, it went really well.  He is also starting to show some interest in the potty.  I'm not fully committed to starting it all right now.  I was going to this fall, but really since he is showing some interest I might just go with it.

Ohlen.  Oh Ohlen.  He is growing up so fast.  Our biggest issue with this guy these days is that he is starting to talk back and argue more.  It can be really frustrating.  On the positive side he really loves his siblings and is, usually, a great big brother.  The times when he and Noah are playing nicely are just so great.  He has really enjoyed being over here and visiting his Great Grandma.  We are also working with him to ween him off of TV and video games.  I got pretty lax in those first weeks we were here.  Because of where his birthday lies he will have to wait until next year for Kindergarten, so I plan to do some "school" time with him starting soon.  Nothing too intense, but just to get him more used to sitting and completing a task.  This guy will be 5 in a month and a half - not sure where my first born baby has gone.

Us.  Jonathan and I are loving it here.  We love the house. We love our neighbors.  We love our location.  Nothing too exciting going on.  We are still trying to pinpoint where we want to go for our 10th anniversary next year.  Our top choices at the moment are London or someplace tropical. (think all inclusive beach bum vacation)  Any suggestions/opinions/advice?

Yes, that is Katherine tucked away in the sling.  (Have I mentioned I love the sling - don't use it as much as I could - but I love it)  I am feeling pretty much back to normal.  I have a whole other post planned for weight stuff, because that is taking up lots of my thought process these days.  In a week and a half I will start babysitting again.  I'm looking to get super organized for that - also probably another post.

In new stuff - I've been visiting Pinterest a whole lot.  That will link you to my boards.  Kind of a more fantastical bookmarking system.  Probably could do a whole post on it - maybe I will later.  If you want to join, but need an invite, let me know.

Also have been checking out Twitter a bit more, but really, I am really behind as to what all the abbreviations mean. And how exactly to reply to someone and all that jazz.  Makes me feel kind of old... :)

Hope you all are doing well.  And hope to start posting more soon. As you'll notice, I didn't follow through with the Sunday music post.  Maybe this Sunday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music Spotlight Sunday

Jonathan recently bought an album by The High Kings.  I am hooked.  This is my favorite song by far.

Back in high school I was in the band.  There were some songs during concert season (as opposed to marching season.) that had amazing harmony.  And I would get goosebumps.  I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to.  And this song is the same way - goosebumps.  The lyrics too.  I forget sometimes, that the internet and cell phones, well telephones for that matter, haven't always been around.  If you moved away - there was no instant communication with the people you left.  You would have to wait weeks, months to hear from them via letter.  You may never see them again.  What a tough decision it must have been.  

Anyways - back from the tangent - just wanted to share some music I've been enjoying.

I added the title after I wrote this - maybe I'll try to make this a weekly thing.  I make no promises (or maybe threats...ha!).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Place

As requested I am finally posting some pictures from our move - and of our new place.

Moving day went really well.  We started around 8am - and everything was moved over by 1030.  We had lots of wonderful people helping.  I wish the boxes would have unpacked themselves as quickly.  :)

Living Room - the door leads to a big storage closet.

Back the hallway - on the left - closet, nursery, Boys  - Master at the end of the hallway - Bathroom on the right

One of the wonderful women that came and helped clean all the dry wall dust the night before moving day.

Another wonderful woman - this is in the entrance room - Living room through the arch - Kitchen through entrance to the left.

Entrance room at the old house, night before moving.

Katherine chilling on moving day in the new kitchen by the new dishwasher.

Living room getting filled up with stuff.  Door in the back leads to the Guest Bedroom/Exercise Room/ Extra room for whatever needs a home.

Nursery, which has also become a home for the desk and one of our chairs.  Katherine says she doesn't mind.

Master Bedroom.

A special thanks to my mom and Jonathan's aunt for unpacking my kitchen.  And to Jonathan's uncle and cousins for setting up the boys' bunk beds.  I spent most of my energy on getting the boys' room ready.  They were gone for the weekend, and I wanted their room to be unpacked and ready for them to move in.

Now - 3 weeks later, things are starting to get into place.  I've hung a few pictures, and most of the boxes are unpacked.  There are a few big things that need to be done inside, but not too much yet.  I'll post pictures of the furnished and somewhat decorated house later.

New house from the front.  Jonathan built those front steps.
Favorite parts of the house so far - Our new neighbors, TREES!!, hearing the birds, cooking with gas (loving this much more than I thought I would), new refrigerator.  I do miss our old neighbors.  This house has more storage areas and probably just about the same amount of space. (We have tons more room in our master bathroom than we did before.  It's so nice.) but it isn't broken up.  I'm not sure if I do or don't like it yet.  It definitely isn't as quiet in the house as it was before - not that it was really quiet.  But it IS nice to not have to go up and down stairs.  The dogs are especially enjoying that part.