Friday, May 31, 2013

A Harvey Korman Double Feature

Last night I suddenly remembered two movies from my childhood.

My parents were VHS kings.  We had scads of tapes filled with movies recorded off the television.  (Funny that they sometimes are thrown off by their DVR)  There was one that was filled with Christmas specials.  There was the one with Top Gun that we watched repeatedly one summer.  But there are two that I, for whatever reason, recalled last night.

The Longshot (1986) and a made for TV movie Crash Course (1988)

While I was looking up info for them, I realized that Harvey Korman is in both.  I knew he was in The Longshot, but had forgotten about his role in Crash Course.

The Longshot is a comedy starring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.  It is currently available to watch on Netflix (which I may do soon).  The movie is about 4 guys down on their luck, that get an inside tip on a horse, and go to bet on said horse.  Much slapstick humor happens along the way, and some drama, of course. 
As a bonus, the opening credits roll to a rap by Tim Conway and Ice T.  Thank you You Tube!

Crash Course stars Alyssa Milano and Tina Yothers (the younger sister on Family Ties).  The story revolves around a group of students in driver's ed and their teacher and of course, the cranky vice principal (played by Harvey Korman)  There are the stereotypical characters, jock, nerd, spoiled rich girl, girl next door, tomboy.  And a rapping exchange student from Japan. (obviously) 
This one isn't on Netflix, but someone did upload it on YouTube.

I have to admit.  I have no idea if anyone would consider these good movies.  They are just a part of my childhood and bring back some fun summer memories of being at home with my brother, with not much to do.  Ah, the good old days before the internet.  We didn't have video games either.  So it was either outside, reading, watch what was on, or search through the tapes.  These may not be cinema gold, but they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Has anyone else seen these?


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