Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Telling Tales and Cake

 Sunday we celebrated Noah's 4th birthday.  We had a little lunch party with just us.  One of the gifts we gave him is a game called Tell Tale.  It is from blue orange, the same company that makes Spot-It, another favorite of our older boys.  The game comes in this great tin, with 60 two sided cards.  Each card has a picture.  An island, a monster, a toilet (a favorite of the boys... go figure), a ghost, etc.  There aren't any hard and fast rules, but they do give you several different varieties of ways to play.  So far we have just done the simple version.  Each person gets four cards.  Someone starts by flipping over their first card and making up a story including what ever is pictured on their card.  The next person flips their top card and adds to the story including what ever picture they have just flipped up. This continues until everyone is out of cards.  The boys are loving this game!!   I love that they are telling stories and stretching their imagination. 

Another part of his birthday celebration was his cake.  One of my favorite parts of my kids' birthdays is making them a cake, decorated as/with something they are into at the moment.  (Last year Noah's was a Where's My Water cake. )  He asked for chocolate cake, so that's what is under the frosting.  The frosting is a simple buttercream.  (Butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and a little milk)  For the blue I pureed some blueberries and mixed that with the frosting, but it was more purple than blue, so I added some food coloring.  It still had a hint of blueberry flavor to it, which was wonderful. 

I know all parents say this, but I really can't believe he is 4 already.  Time seems to slip by so fast.

Vanquished by baby William

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  1. Coolest birthday cake ever! Happy birthday to Noah. That game sounds like a lot of fun. :)